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Innovation, exploration

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Off grid battery storage

The products are often used in areas with unstable or no power grid, as well as industrials, commercials and other places with large peak-valley price difference or frequent power cuts. It can be divided into grid connected and off-grid systems, and have 2 modes for option,that's "storage while use" or "storage before use" . It can take small and medium-sized DC electrical appliances with photovoltaic charging, which is widely used to solve the problem of power shortage.

Solar Lighting

With the trend of global energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more new energy solar street lights using green solar energy as the power source are replacing traditional lighting systems, and they are widely used in main cities, sub-main roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, and parking lots.

Residential ESS

Applied in family energy storage of wind/solar power generation, especially areas of lack of power, little power, or unstable grid. The electricity generated by wind/solar supply household load, meanwhile the excess electricity is stored in the battery, the electricity in the battery supply electric equipment via inverter. It’s suitable for small commercial district, ups in office, energy shortage area, and area where natural disaster occur frequently, power instability or grid-off island.

Portable Power application

It is suitable for complex and changeable outdoor environments, and provides effective outdoor power solutions for various outdoor activities. It can be used as a DC, AC emergency or backup power source outdoors, on ships, and in vehicles. It is widely used in outdoor office, medical rescue, fire rescue, outdoor recreation, emergency communication, environmental monitoring and other fields. It is also the best solution to replace noise pollution diesel (gasoline) generator applications.

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