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Demand For New Energy Batteries Has Boosted The Rare Earth Market
- Sep 14, 2017 -


Demand for new energy batteries has soared since last year, with a sharp rise in activity in the rare earth market and rising prices for raw materials and products, which have hit record highs in recent years.In the first half of this year, minmetals returned to profitability.Net profit in the north has more than doubled, while xiamen's tungsten net profit more than fivefold.

So far, the key rare earths have risen by more than 50 percent this year, according to the data.Some rare earth plants are known to have stopped running.According to the responsible person, the price of rare earth will go up and the products will be sold out as soon as they get to the market. The average price of rare earth products is up nearly 90 percent this year.The price of rare earths has risen sharply, but the products of the terminal have not been able to raise prices and have put a lot of pressure on downstream manufacturers.