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Characteristics and advantages of Portable Power Supply

Product features

High-power stable output,strong compatibility&support multiple interfaces,to meet the power supply needs of different devices,5V USB port,12V DC port,220V AC output.Lightweight and easy to carry,stylish aluminum alloy shell is more beautiful,as a indoor energy backup.The emergency power supply can drive most small appliances without fear of power failure.

Security Intelligence

The product has passed IEC62133,UL1642,UN38.3 and other authoritative certifications,adopts automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries,built-in intelligent BMS management system,and adopts imported special chips to ensure high safety and reliability.

Long battery life,long life

High-performance,high-energy density,high-consistency batteries are selected to ensure stable output,low-power design,and strong endurance,which can be used for notebook computers for continuous use of more than 12H.

12V 40Ah Portable Power Supply

Model NO.12V 40Ah Portable Power Supply

Nominal Capacity: 40Ah
Operating Voltage: 8~12.6V
Charging current: ≤5A
Discharging current: DC discharge ≤10A, AC discharge ≤300W
Temperature: -20~60℃
Dimension: 200*168.5*140mm(±3mm)
Weight: 5Kg
Packaging: Aluminum case
Protection: PCM/Inverter/charger highly integrated system

14.4V 20Ah Portable Power Supply

Model NO.14.4V 20Ah Portable Power Supply

Nominal Capacity: 20Ah
Operating Voltage: 11.2~16.8V
Input spec: DC12-25V≤3.5A
DC Output: 12V≤3.5A,USB5V ≤2.1A, USBQC ≤18W,TYPEC ≤60W,with LED function
AC Output: Inverter output AC220/110V/50/60Hz
Temperature: -10~45℃
Dimension: 123*123*206mm(±2mm)
Weight: 2.9Kg
Packaging: Aluminum case
Protection: PCM/Inverter/DC-DC/DC charger highly integrated system

Model NO. 14.4V 20Ah Portable Power Supply 12V 40Ah Portable Power Supply 14.4V 50Ah Portable Power Supply
Rated Capacity 20Ah 40Ah 50Ah
Operation Voltage 14.4V 10.8V 14.6V
Charging Current Max 10A 20A 20A
Discharge Current Max 40A 10A 20A
Energy 288Wh 432Wh 730Wh
Dimension(mm) 123±2mm 200±3mm 270±3mm
Weight 2.9Kg 5Kg 8Kg
Application: It is suitable for complex and changeable outdoor environments,and provides effective outdoor power solutions in field investigations,outings,and outdoor activities.It can be used as a DC,AC emergency or backup power source outdoors,on ships,and in vehicles. Characteristic: Small size and light weight, easy to carry,high energy density,strong endurance,beautiful appearance,high-strength engineering plastics,good shock resistance and water resistance,built-in high-power modules,support high-power 220V/110V Pure sine wave output,including multiple protections for over voltage,overload,over current,over temperature and short circuit.
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