UPS Battery

Nowadays With the continuous development of the Internet today, people are paying more and more attention to big data platforms. IDC, the Internet Data Center, provides large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable server hosting for major websites, and the UPS system provides reliable data protection for IDC and solves monitoring. , maintenance, service power supply issues. It is also suitable for emergency power supply of various electrical equipment when power failure.

Solution Features:

UPS battery has function of uninterruptible power supply,and can operate normally in grid-connected and off-grid mode.The battery has a fire-fighting linkage interface including RS485/RS232 communication,wide application range,strong load adaptability,convenient installation,high efficiency,super long Endurance and service life,system charge estimation,environmental monitoring functions,safer and more reliable.

Project Introduction:

In order to solve the problem of uninterruptible power supply, it is a system device that connects the battery with the host and converts DC power into AC power through the host inverter and other module circuits. It is mainly used to provide a stable and uninterruptible power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. The three basic functions of UPS: voltage stabilization, filtering, uninterruptible. When AC power is supplied, it is the function of voltage stabilizer and filter to eliminate or weaken the interference of AC power and ensure the normal operation of the equipment; when the AC power is interrupted, will transfer its DC power supply part (Pack, diesel generator, etc.) is converted into perfect AC power for the load. Among them, the switch from AC power to battery power is generally 0 second switch, so that the load equipment can keep running without any changes, which truly guarantees the equipment’s performance.

Project Features:

1. Super long life. The high consistency of the battery and the BMS intelligent balance management system improve the efficiency of the batteries;more than 8 years calendar life.
2. High discharge rate. Using high-rate discharge cells which support continuous discharge at 10-30C and instantaneous discharge at 20-50C.


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