AGV Battery 1.2V 33Ah LFP
  • AGV Battery 1.2V 33Ah LFP

1.Specification of agv battery

Model51.2V 33Ah LFP Battery
 AGV battery Capacity33Ah
Minimum Capacity (0.5C,A)32Ah
Rated Voltage51.2V
Max Charge Voltage58V
Cut-Off Voltage40V
Standard Charge And Discharge Current15A
Max Continuous Charge Current30A
Max Continuous Discharge Current30A
Weight (Approx. Includes Case)~20Kg
Impedance (Max, At 1000Hz.)≤50mΩ
Charge Method (CC)6A(58.4VCut Off)
Charge Method (CV)58.8V(0.6ACut Off)
Operating Temperature Charging0℃~45℃
Operating Temperature Discharge-20℃~60℃
Operating Temperature Storage-20℃~45℃

2.Bock diagram of agv battery

Highly intelligent battery pack management, safe, reliable and stable performance protection design, impedance tracking and ampere-hour estimation, high-precision SOC, charge balance management, can exchange battery data information with PLC through dedicated communication, remote monitoring, online debugging, Special APP monitors battery status for easy maintenance.

Agv Battery Capacity

3.Outline Drawing of agv battery

The SPCC shell solution is full of industrial sense, with double handle design, convenient for installation and transportation, separate input and output, and one charge and one discharge are safer. Anderson SB50 interface, suitable for most AGV; external communication interface, better interaction with outsiders, actual product size: 320mm*250mm*170mm.

Agv Battery

4.AGV Battery Capacity

Using PLB high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery, made by resistance welding technology, strong external interface adaptability, high capacity, 33Ah, support 1C continuous charge and discharge, strong power, suitable for most AGV and other equipment on the market. It is the best choice for the power of these devices.

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