Lithium Batteries For Backup Power

Portable Power Supplies And LiFePO4

Backup Power Supply for Emergencies

Backup Power Supply for Emergencies

There have been many unexpected situations recently, such as the gas shortage on the East Coast, a snowstorm in Texas, and much more. We can’t help but wonder what we should prepare for next, especially when it comes to emergency weather or natural disasters. Learn how PLB lithium products can help you prepare for future crises.

Lithium Benefits for Emergency Backup Power

Power is an extremely important element that will fuel essentials and comfort devices alike in the event of a power outage or emergency. It’s best to always have a battery backup power supply in your home. Keeping some lithium batteries, power banks, and portable power stations handy will help you be ready for the storms you might face.

Power That's Driven to Perform

Emergency Preparedness

Lithium batteries can be used to power essentials and, in an ideal situation with adequate sunlight, solar panels can be used to recharge your batteries. We believe lithium batteries yield the clear advantage, but a gas-powered generator combined with lithium batteries can complement each other well in some situations.

Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared with Lithium Batteries

PLB’s product portfolio is large, and we offer several options that could come in handy for backup battery power during outages, storms, and more.

1500W Portable Power Station

1500W Portable Power Station

Part number:

1500W Portable Power Station

• Use safe LiFePO4 automotive power battery, with a cycle life greater than 2500 + times and high temperature resistance
• with HD touch screen,dynamic real-time display
• Multiple output interfaces,simultaneous use of multiple devices
• Dual type-C 100W super fast charging,1500W sine wave output will not damage electrical appliances
• USB super fast charging
• Super cooling system,App intelligent operation
• Easy to carry with handle design
• Small, Light, Highly integrated, fit for camping trip
• Cover protection & warning design
• RoHS eco-friendly design
• Cell approved by UL1642, IEC62133, UN38.3 certification
• Dual PD 100w super fast charging, which can be used by multiple devices at the same time
• With LED search light and brightness stepless dimming
• has extra dual wireless charging funtion
• Multiple protection to ensure safety

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