Cell R&D

Insist on independent innovation, forward-looking, scientific and systematic research and development of basic cell technology, product development, and process technology.

With high product reliability and high safety as the core, comprehensive DOE experimental design and verification of design formulas and processes are carried out by Power Long Battery. Improve product performance, product manufacturability.

In-depth study of the cell material mechanism. Material physical and chemical properties, crystal structure, morphology analysis, thermodynamic analysis, thermal runaway research.

Set up a basic research and development material test room of battery cell. Provide sufficient test and analysis conditions and data for material research and incoming material inspection.

Set up a pilot line for research and developmen of lithium ion power batteries. Provide small test and pilot test support for battery cell research and development, trial production of battery cell design ,and new material certification, etc.

Set up battery safety and reliability test room. Plan and execute comprehensive safety, environmental, and electrical performance tests of products.

Most of the R&D team members have more than 15 years of experience, have deep research and development project skills, project management capabilities, and advanced product design concepts.

Battery system R&D

Fully grasp the customer's application scenarios and requirements, and accurately design the module and battery system to meet customer needs.

Research on product mechanical safety and structural stability to meet the needs of various scenarios such as transportation and vibration; research on current field, thermal field, simulation, etc.; research on electronic and electrical performance.

From R&D, design to manufacturing, BMS takes the pursuit of ultimate reliability and stability as the highest principle, and has functions such as parameter detection, battery safety management, balance management, SOC/SOH detection and calculation. It has been widely used in the fields of power and energy storage.

Establish a battery system R&D, smart energy system and test laboratory with comprehensive analysis and testing capabilities for battery modules, battery packs, and BMS. It can meet the requirements of electronics, mechanics, thermal, high and low temperature environment, and aging test. Advanced and complete battery system testing and analysis methods.

The battery system R&D personnel have the ability to deeply research and grasp the needs of customers, and develop personalized, customized and integrated solutions for customers.

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