LFP CELL IFR26650-3400mAh

26650 lifepo4 battery, verified by DOE optimization experiment, strict selection and supervison of incoming material, strict manufacturing process controlled, to ensure the battery cell high consistency on static state of initial matching, charge-discharge dynamic process and attenuation performance of the long-term cycling.

Cell Part number of 26650 lifepo4:

26650-3400mAh, lithium iron phosphate chemical system

Cell dimension:

Diameter 26.3±0.2mm, Height 65.3±0.3mm (See Right Picture)


• Base station energy storage: mobile communication base station, communication terminal energy storage.

• UPS backup power: UPS long backup power.

• Solar energy storage: solar street lights replace batteries, small household solar energy storage.

• Smart home appliances: smart water heaters, smart air conditioners, smart sofas and other smart home appliances.

• LEV light electric vehicles: electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, golf carts, golf backpack carts.

• Medical equipment: mobile medical ventilator, mobile electrocardiograph, AED defibrillator, mobile monitor, mobile physiotherapy, electric wheelchair, etc.

Characteristic advantages of 26650 lifepo4 cells:

• Long life: 100%DOD cycle 2000 times+; 80%DOD cycle 4000 times+; calendar life more than 12 years.

• Floating charge resistance: The material structure is stable, suitable for long-term full-charged floating charge application scenarios.

• High safety: zero explosion, zero fire, zero leakage.

• Consistency: From the initial static configuration to the dynamic change after assembly and the attenuation characteristics of the cyclic process are highly consistent.

• Ultra-wide temperature range application: discharge temperature range -40~85℃; charging temperature -20~60℃.
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26650 Lifepo4

Parameter Spec of 26650 lithium ion battery:

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Product specification
Typical Capacity3400mAh(0.5C)
Minimum Capacity≥3400mAh(0.5C)
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Energy Density128Wh/kg
Cell AC Impedance (1KH)≤20mΩ
Cell Weight (g)About 85g
Operation Voltage2.0~3.65V
Standard Charge ModelCell is charged with constant current of 0.5C to 3.65 V, and the it is converted to 3.65V constant voltage charging until the charging current is less than 0.01C (34mA).
Standard Charge Current1700mA
Max. Charge Current6800mA
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Product specification
Standard Discharge Current1700mAh
Max. Discharge Current
Max. Discharge Current (Long Pulse)17000mA,60s
Max. Discharge Current (Short Pulse)27200mA,10s
100%DOD cycle life≥2000Cycles
80%DOD cycle life≥4000Cycles
50%DOD cycle life≥6000Cycles
Charge Operating Temperature0℃~45℃
(Environment temperature)
Discharge Operating Temperature-20℃~60℃
(Environment temperature
Storage Temperature-20℃~45℃

Characteristic Curve of 26650 lithium ion battery:

+1C/-1C 100% DOD Cycle curve

26650 Lifepo4

Difference Temp. Discharge curve

Different C rate discharge capacity

26650 Lifepo4

Different C rate discharge Temp.curve

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