Motorcycle battery
  • Motorcycle battery

Part number of li ion motorcycle battery:

12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate Battery

Features of lithium ion motorcycle battery:

• Start power Lithuim-ion battery Pack
• Use in Motorcycle startup
• Charging EQ to longer serivce life
• Long running life, High stability, Low maintenance costs
• Lead-Aicd battery replacement solution
• Fast charging
• Wide operating temperature range
• High discharge rate 50C/3~5 sec
• Low-power consumption,Long standby time
• Small, Light, Easy to carry, Highly integrated
• RoHS eco-friendly design

1.Specification of lightweight motorcycle battery

Model12.8V 5Ah LFP High Rate Battery
Model Capacity5Ah
Minimum Capacity (0.5C,A)4.6Ah
Rated Voltage12.8V
Max Charge Voltage14.6V
Cut-Off Voltage8.4V
Standard Charge And Discharge Current5A
Max Continuous Charge Current10A
Max Continuous Discharge Current250A/5S
Weight (Approx. Includes Case)~1.1Kg
Impedance (Max, At 1000Hz.)≤30mΩ
The packing wayPlastic shell
Charge Method (CC)1A(14.6VCut Off)
Charge Method (CV)14.6V(0.1ACut Off)
Operating Temperature Charging0℃~45℃
Operating Temperature Discharge-20℃~60℃
Operating Temperature Storage-20℃~45℃

2.Bock diagram of lithium ion motorcycle battery

Through intelligent balance management, imported components, intelligent monitoring of single-cell batteries, adjusting battery pressure difference, prolonging the service life of battery packs, low-power fast charging design, and improving customer experience.

Motorcycle battery

3.Outline Drawing of lithium ion motorcycle battery

Open-molded plastic shell, external M5 pure copper studs, meet IP45 waterproof, battery cores are connected with copper-nickel composite tape, internal resistance is small, and output is sufficient, supporting high-rate charging and discharging. Actual size: 170mm*86mm*91mm.

Motorcycle battery

4.Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery Review

Using PLB high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery, auxiliary copper-nickel composite tape made by resistance welding process, glued and sealed. Support 2C charging, continuous 20C, maximum 50C/5S discharge. Super power, it is the best choice to replace the lead-acid starter battery.

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