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Several Japanese Carmakers Have Set Up Joint Ventures To Recycle Batteries
Sep 12, 2018

On September 5, local time, a number of Japanese automakers announced a project to collect and recycle old electric vehicle batteries in October, foreign media reported.In the early stages of the project, corresponding factories will be set up in seven prefectures in Japan: Hokkaido, akita, ichi, okayama, Hiroshima and yamaguchi, and more battery recycling facilities will be built later.

Electric cars are expected to become increasingly popular, with carmakers aiming to work together to reduce the cost of battery collection and create efficient recycling systems for used batteries.The project is open to imported car sellers and electric car start-ups for their participation.

Japanese automakers have expressed a willingness to cooperate in many areas such as solid-state batteries and resource procurement, especially cobalt materials.The decision by a number of Japanese automakers to prepare for cooperation could be closely related to the sudden emergence of battery recycling competitors in China over the past few years.

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