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25.6V 6Ah LFP UPS Battery


• The service cycle life of LiFePO4 battery is nearly 10 times that of lead-acid battery and the comprehensive evaluation is higher.
• LiFePO4 battery supports high rate discharge and fast charging.
• LiFePO4 battery with the same specification and capacity, the volume is about 2/3 of that of lead-acid battery,and the weight is about 1/3.
• Able to withstand over-charge and over-discharge. No fire no explosion. Safe and reliable.
• PACK can conform to UL & CE standards.

25.6V 6Ah LFP UPS Battery

1.Specification of lithium ion battery storage

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Model25.6V 6Ah LFP UPS Battery
BMS functionUVP/OVP/OCP/OTP/SCP/Balance
BMS schemeSoftware
Charging current3A
Max charging current6A
Max continue discharging45A
Internal resistance(fullycharged,25℃)≤120mΩ
Charging modeCC-CV
Max charging voltage29.2V
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Self-discharge(25℃)3 monthRemaining capacity:95%
Self-discharge(25℃)6 monthRemaining capacity:90%
Self-discharge(25℃)12 monthRemaining capacity:85%
Nominal operating25℃±3℃(77℉±5℉)
Operating temperature(Discharge)-20℃~75℃(-4℉~167℉)
Operating temperature(Charge)0℃~60℃(32℉~140℉)
Operating temperature(Storage)0℃~40℃(32℉~104℉)
Discharge cut-off voltage20V
Cell materialLiFeP04
Cell ModeIFR26650-30B/3000mAh
Cell standardsCB/UL1642/BIS/UN38.3/RoHS
Shell materialSPCC
ApplicationLead-acid alternative,Uninterrupted Power Supply
Designed calendar life(20℃)10 years

2.Bock diagram of lithium ion battery storage

The product adopts software protection scheme, supports RS485 and UART communication; adopts the SOC estimation method of ampere integral method combined with open circuit voltage method to make the SOC estimation result more accurate; supports single cell voltage monitoring function, temperature monitoring function, current monitoring function and equalization Functions, etc., make the product have excellent performance and excellent stability, and ensure the long-term safe use of the product.

25.6V 6Ah LFP UPS Battery

3.Outline Drawing of lithium ion battery storage

Use PLB high-quality high-rate 26650 cells, support up to 20C discharge, strengthen over-current technology, and full-iron box packaging. The reinforced insulation design can meet the 6KV high voltage impact, effectively ensuring the safety of users. The size of the module is 320mm*208mm*35mm, and the external charging and discharging are integrated in the same port, which is convenient to use.

25.6V 6Ah LFP UPS Battery

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