Lithium Batteries for Recreational Use

Lithium Batteries for Recreational Use

Packable Lithium Power

Packable Lithium Power

It's time to get rid of battery anxiety while enjoying outdoor hobbies and exploring secluded locations. Portable lithium batteries are small and lightweight, temperature resistant, and provide more usable capacity with a faster charge. Plus, they last longer than their standard deep cycle counterparts, making them a smart long-term investment.

Prepare with Backup Power

Power is an extremely important element that will fuel essentials and comfort devices alike in the event of a power outage or emergency. It’s best to always have a battery backup power supply in your home. Keeping some lithium batteries, power banks, and portable power stations handy will help you be ready for the storms you might face.

Lithium Benefits for Recreational Power

When you're out exploring, you want a battery that you can depend on. PLB lithium batteries are built to last and designed to withstand even in the harshest temperatures and conditions.

  • Maintenance Free

    Plug, play, and charge. No watering, no corrosion.

  • Long Life

    PLB lithium batteries provide up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries, and they still provide 80% of the rated capacity after 2,000 cycles.

  • Partial State of Charge

    Partial charging does not affect performance quality or battery life. A low self-discharge rate means worry-free storage so even occasional users can be assured of reliable performance.

  • Eco-Friendly & Safe

    PLB lithium batteries are the ultimate clean energy. No gassing, no fumes, and no pollution. Enjoy reliable power, while protecting the environment, using these non-hazardous batteries.

  • Easy to Transport

    Compared to other battery chemistries, PLB LiFePO4 batteries provide the same or greater energy at less than half the weight and size. This means more flexibility and ease of use!

  • Fast Charging

    PLB lithium batteries charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries, and they’re packed with more usable energy and up to 10 times longer life so you’re always ready to go!

Customer Testimonial

"I've been able to run my craft booth lights using my new battery without interruption. It's much lighter than my previous lead-acid solution and charges much faster (hours rather than days). It is a cost-saver over the long term since lead-acid has far fewer charge cycles and is much heavier," - John O.

A Wide Range of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries To Power Any Adventure

Outlaw 1072S Portable Power Station

The Outlaw 1072s is a high-capacity, plug-and-play solar power station. At only 32 lbs, the Outlaw is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications. Take it with you on camping or hunting trips! It can be used to charge a number of appliances and electronics, so you have power on-hand without the noise and fumes of a gas generator.


This lightweight PVC battery has wire leads, a built-in battery management system (BMS), and temperature control. A 12V 10Ah lithium iron phosphate battery that's perfect for lights, Arduino projects, and small inverters.

How To Make Camping Comfortable With Off Grid Power Options

How To Make Camping Comfortable With Off Grid Power Options

Going camping can be a great way to reset your spirit and unwind from the modern world, but many still want to have the comfort they have at home while they enjoy nature. Discover what type of camping is right for you and how to power your living essentials with the help of solar battery systems and portable power stations.

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