12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery
  • 12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery
  • 12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery
  • 12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Nominal Capacity42.9Ah
Internal Resistance≤150mΩ
Self Discharge<1% Per Month
Series and Parallel/
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)430*280*31mm
TerminalWaterproof Plug Connector 2P
Case MaterialPVC
IP Rating/
Cells26650 – LiFePO4
Discharge Specification
Max Continuous Discharge Current10A
Max Instantaneous Discharge Current/
BMS Discharge Protection Current40A
Overdischarge Protection Voltage8.4V
Overdischarge Recovery Voltage9.2V
Short Circuit Protection600uS
Charge Specifications
Charge Current7.8A
Max Charge Current10A
Charge Voltage14.6V
Overcharge Protection Voltage15V
Overcharge Recovery Voltage14.4V
Equalization Turn-on Voltage/
Temperature Specification
Discharge Temperature-20-60℃
Charge Temperature0-45℃
Storage Temperature-5-45℃
BMS Over Temperature Protection65±5℃
BMS Over Temperature Protection Recovery55±5℃
Compliance Specification

0.5c Charging at Different Temperatures

12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery

1c Different Temperature Discharge Curve

12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery

Cycle Life Diagram of Different Dod (1c Charge 0.5c Release 25℃)

2D Drawing

12.8V 42.9Ah 4S13P Solar Battery

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