Cell Manufacture

Highly automated cell production line:

PLB built highly automated manufacturing line for battery cell to realize the highly automated manufacturing of cells from the start of material feeding to shipment. 

Digital and visualization of cell manufacturing process:

Build a comprehensive MES management system and BDM system from raw materials, production processes, equipment status, environmental status, quality management, etc. The production line is equipped with automatic monitoring equipment or devices to conduct online and visual monitoring of the key processes of battery cell manufacturing, and conduct online data statistics, management and control, and display of battery cell products.

Strict battery manufacturing environmental conditions:

High-efficiency dehumidification control, high-cleanness dust control, temperature control, etc., provide process guarantees for the high safety, low self-discharge, and long cycle characteristics of battery cell.

PACK Manufacture

PACK production line with flexibility and automatic:

The module welding adopts automatic equipment spot welding, and the whole series is equipped with Japanese Miya machines, and the welding quality is stable and reliable.High-precision and comprehensive aging test of the battery pack. The battery pack aging detection equipment has high accuracy, data collection throughout the entire process, and 100% high-precision aging testing of the performance of all finished products.

Built MES system to realize all-round data management of PACK products to ensure that the raw materials, manufacturing processes, equipment, and quality of each PACK product can be fully traced.

PLB focus on providing lithium ion batteries and 26650 cells and packs, welcome to inquiry.
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