Focus on 26650 cells, leading the industry

PLB specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of 26650 battery cells , as well as customized battery pack services. After nine years of large-scale market application, our 26650 battery cells lead the industry in battery performance and safety assurance. We hold a cutting- edge in high-rate (high-power) batteries, and industry-leading levels of energy density, product performance, safety, and reliability.

20 years of R&D experiences
40+ R&D experts
58+ intellectual property patents
Professional & Reliable

Research on basic materials is the cornerstone of lithium battery design and development. Our R&D team has conducted in-depth research and development on the four main materials: positive and negative electrode, electrolyte, separator and other auxiliary materials. Over the years our engineers have accumulated vast experiences and deep understanding of materials synthesis, production process, and application limits. ​We have established R&D, analysis, pilot-scale experiments and testing centers for battery cells, focusing on the analysis and testing of key raw materials for batteries, as well as product safety, environment control and electrical performance testing.Our self-developed 26650 battery cell lead the industry in battery performance and safety assurance.

Safety & Reliability Testing Platform

We have a team skilled in material and electrochemical mechanism analysis, along with top-notch experimental analysis equipment. We are capable of doing various materials and cell performance tests, Which include chemical analysis, electrochemical analysis, thermal analysis, reliability test, thermal safety test and mechanical safety test. Using multiple methods, we have deeper insight into key influence factors of interface and kinetics, and have established a continuous and effective analysis system for battery failure mechanism to support continuous safety and electrical performance improvement.

PLB focus on providing lithium ion batteries and 26650 cells and packs, welcome to inquiry.
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