Electric motocycle

Motorcycles are a common medium and short-distance transportation tool for the majority of people. It has a wide range of applications. Electric motorcycles are driven by batteries. The cost of use is much lower than gasoline motorcycles. It is equipped with a brushless motor, with high torque output and maintenance. The advantages of low cost, low noise and easy control are becoming more and more popular.

Lithium Ion Battery for Electric Motorcycle

Solution Features of Lithium Battery For Electric Motorcycle:

Internal use of high-rate, high-capacity batteries, strong output, long autonomy and life, built-in BMS accurate display, durable structure, safe and reliable, waterproof and dustproof, and has a fast charging mode.

Project Introduction of Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Motorcycle:

Electric motorcycles powered by lithium batteries replace those powered by lead-acid batteries. The product is environmentally friendly due to cutting off the traditional chemical conversion process and eliminating major pollution, high quality, long service life, large capacity, good low temperature start performance, especially suitable for use in cold northern regions. As a power battery, it can be discharged at a high rate. Self-discharge is small and suitable for long-term storage.

Project Features:

1. Super long battery life, super power. Using high-capacity battery cells as raw materials, the electric motorcycle battery has super power and strong endurance.
2. Long life and long cycle. The initial voltage, internal resistance, capacity, self-discharge rate, and capacity attenuation trend of the cell are consistent, the parameters of the Pack assembly process are the same, the low-power design is designed for long standby, and the ability to withstand floating charges is strong. The actual service life of the product can reach over 2000 cycles.
3. Security. Built-in multiple protection measures, adapt to various harsh environments and safer.

Changing motorcycle battery:

As a transportation tool, electric motorcycles account for most of the market due to their flexibility, convenience and environmental protection, and the battery of electric motorcycles is the most important part of its power source. The electric motorcycle battery exchange produced by PLB has strong power, long cycle life and fast charging mode, which can give customers the best experience.

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