Smart cleaning robot

The smart cleaning robot is used for cleaning the floors and windows of modern homes. The smart module can effectively identify dust, automatically senses anti-collision and anti-fall, and automatically works and recharges in the timing control mode, which replaces the traditional home manual cleaning method to a certain extent.

Robot Battery

Solution Features of Robot Battery:

Select the high-rate, high-capacity, high-cycle life-ion batteries, after 70 rigorous screening process, design can be customized according to different customer needs, internal fittings and fire safety requirements in line with ROHS, waterproof and dustproof shockproof design concept, The built-in smart chip ensures the stable and continuous operation of the battery.

Project Introduction of Battery For Robot:

The smart cleaning robot is used for cleaning the floors and windows of modern families. The smart module can effectively identify the dust, automatically sense the anti-collision and anti falling, automatically work and charge in the timing control mode, and to a certain extent replace the traditional manual cleaning method of the family. Products with small size, light weight, high energy density features, to meet the smart home industry fast, portable, lightweight, mobile requirements.

Project Features:

1.Intelligent management. Small size and light weight, meeting the requirements of lightweight design for smart homes; using impedance tracking and inventory calculation, high-precision SOC estimation; dedicated interface handshake design and communication protocol, which can realize smart homes.
2. Low power consumption and long life. Low power consumption, long battery life, long service life, calendar life up to more than 8 years.

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