Electric bicycle

With the promulgation of the new national standard, E-bike gradually is developing to lightweight and standardization direction, its character of environmental protection and low energy consumption meet the trend of future development. Sharing E-bike, changing battery of riders, green travel and other concepts are gradually into people’s life.

Lithium Ion Battery for Electric Cycle

Solution Features of Lithium Battery For Electric Bicycle :

Battery conform to the latest national standard, using high-performance 18650 and 26650 cylindrical cells, high consistency, low static power consumption, 2000 times cycle life, the precise inner production process make it can work under a variety of harsh environment. Multiple inner protection measures make it work more safe.

Project Introduction of Lithium Ion Battery For Bike:

Lithium-ion E-bike is a creative and revolutionary traffic tool, fashionable, light and simple body design, with folding and built-in lithium-ion battery exclusive patent, efficient safe, environmental and large capacity lithium-ion battery, up to 30km consecutive voyages, can be put into the car’s boot, it completely overturns people’s impression on traditional E-bike.

Project Features of Lithium Bike Battery:

1. Long life, long cycle. Using high performance 18650 and 26650 cylindrical cells.The initial voltage, internal resistance, self-discharge rate, capacity attenuation trend are consistent. The parameters of Pack assembly process are consistent. Long standby with low power consumption design, strong resistance to floating charge, the actual cycle life can reach more than 2000 times.
2. Safe and convenient. Multiple safety management strategy: over charge/over discharge/over current/over temperature/ short circuit protection, internal strengthening fastening design,four surfaces can arbitrarily be fixed to meet the requirements that different model equipment compatible with the assembly of the product. The design of portable handle, convenient to carry, disassembly and installation.
3.Waterproof. The interface of li ion battery for bike adopt dedicated large current charging and discharging, anti-stultifying and waterproof design, the shell adopts tight ultrasonic seal, to meet the above IP54 requirements of the product.
4. Lithium-ion battery have high energy density. Under the same cruising range, the weight of E-bike of lithium-ion battery is lighter 25% than that of lead-acid battery.

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