• IFR26650-3300mAh
  • IFR26650-3300mAh
  • IFR26650-3300mAh
  • IFR26650-3300mAh

Product Details

ParameterProduct specification
Typical Capacity3300mAh(0.5C)
Minimum Capacity ≥3270mAh(0.5C)
Nominal Voltage3.2V
 Energy Density120Wh/kg
Cell AC Impedance (1KH)≤20mΩ
Cell Weight (g)About 88g
Operation Voltage 2.0~3.65V
Standard Charge ModelCell is charged with constant current of 0.5C to 3.65 V, and the it is converted to 3.65V constant voltage charging until the charging current is less than 0.01C (33mA).
Standard Charge Current1650mA
Max. Charge Current 6600mA
ParameterProduct specification
Standard Discharge Current1650mA
Max. Discharge Current
Max. Discharge Current (Long Pulse)16500mA,60s
Max. Discharge Current (Short Pulse)26400mA,10s
100%DOD cycle life≥3000 cycles
80%DOD cycle life≥5000 cycles
50%DOD cycle life≥8000 cycles
Charge Operating Temperature 0℃~45℃
(Environment temperature)
Discharge Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
(Environment temperature)
Storage Temperature-20℃~45℃

Characteristic Curve

+0.5C/1C 100% DOD cycle curve


Discharge curve at different temperatures


Discharge capacity at different rates


Temperature rise curve of different rate discharge


Relevant description: through DOE optimization experiment verification, strict incoming material screening and control, strict process control and process, it is ensured that the static state of the initial assembly, dynamic charging and discharging process and long-term cycle process attenuation trend of the cell are highly consistent

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