Off grid battery storage

The off grid battery storage products are often used in areas with unstable or no power grid, as well as industrials, commercials and other places with large peak-valley price difference or frequent power cuts. It can be divided into grid connected and off-grid systems, and have 2 modes for option,that’s “storage while use” or “storage before use”.
It can take small and medium-sized DC electrical appliances with photovoltaic charging, which is widely used to solve the problem of power shortage. Want more choices, you can have a look at solar powered light batteries.

Off grid energy solution of Smart Energy system:

Remote power systems are used to replace conventional lead-acid battery, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high energy density, long cycle life and long discharge depth. As one of professional energy storage system companies, PLB’s built-in protection system is more safe and reliable, supports multi-port communication, and able to display electricity intuitively and accurately, and the modular design is more convenient to expand.

Project introduction of off grid energy storage:

Based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, solar energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery pack to supply equipments. Photovoltaic energy has the advantages of no pollution, no noise, low maintenance cost, long service life, etc., which has achieved rapid development in recent years. It’s always used in remote mountainous area, no power area, island, communication base station and street lamp etc. Specially aimed at areas without power grid or frequent power failure, relying on the working mode of “storage while use” or “storage before use”, the photovoltaic energy storage can carry small and medium-sized DC electrical appliances and solve the problem of power failure or lack of power. Photovoltaic energy has a strong usability for areas without power grid or areas with frequent power failure.

Project features of off grid solar battery storage:

1. Low voltage charging design. When the battery is in a state of serious power loss, the 0V charging problem of the battery is solved by a special low-voltage charging circuit.
2. Extra long life. The high consistency of the battery cell and BMS intelligent balance management system effectively improved the efficiency of the cell, the calendar life of more than 8 years.
3. Anti-theft design. Through the special structure design and the system handshake design, to prevent the violent dismantling and stealing. 4. Strong compatibility. Diversified input and output interfaces, easy operation, modular design to support multi-parameter expansion.

Remote Power System
Remote Power System

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