Do Lithium Batteries Leak

Do Lithium Batteries Leak

Battery leakage is mainly caused by uncontrollable chemical changes or long-term use.

1. When the battery is in use, if the output current is too large, the internal instantaneous temperature of the battery will rise, the balance will be broken, and liquid leakage will occur. Even if the current is small, it may leak if it is used for a long time.

2. The outer layer of the battery is generally made of zinc and other materials, the middle is a carbon rod, and between the carbon rod and the zinc in the outer layer is an electrolyte. The discharge of dry battery is mainly through the loss of electrons on the zinc cylinder, which is oxidized into Zn2 and enters the electrolyte solution. The electrons obtained by NH4 in the electrolyte solution are reduced to NH3. The zinc loses electrons in the reaction. As the cathode, with the consumption of zinc, the skin will become thinner, and the electrolyte in the middle will flow out.

3. The waste battery will leak if it is not taken out for a long time. To prevent battery leakage from corroding electrical appliances, the most effective way is to avoid excessive use of batteries. For electrical appliances that are not used for a long time, take out the batteries.

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