Lithium Replacement

With the implementation of environmental protection and related national policies, the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries are also becoming more and more apparent.The technological level of lead-acid batteries has reached the limit, its service life, energy density, and environmental pollution all show the trend of being replaced by lithium batteries, so the lithium battery replacement has greater potential.

Replacement of Lithium Ion Battery

Solution Features of Lithium Ion Battery Replacement:

Lithium-ion battery has a long cycle life, high energy density and greatly reduces the weight & volume, it can be stored for long time with an extremely low self-discharge rate.Lithium-ion battery supports fast charge & discharge, which is significantly saves the charging time. Built-in BMS, while ensuring the safety performance of the battery, it can also realize other functional applications.

Project Introduction of Lithium Replacement:

Project introduction: Lead-acid battery is the earliest industrialized secondary battery, with a history of 160 years since it was invented in 1859. Compared with battery of other types of metal materials, lead has abundant resources Lead is the most widely used materials for batteriesand has the largest market share in chemical batteries. However, due to the low energy density and short cycle life of lead-acid batteries, the main raw material lead is a kind of toxic substance. There is a risk of lead pollution in the process of battery production and reproduction, and poor management can cause harm to the environment and people. Lithium-ion battery is a kind of high-energy storage battery, which was first introduced to the market by Sony in 1990. Its advantage is high energy density, it is currently the battery with the highest energy and is widely used in portable products Lithium-ion batteries have the following advantages: high specific energy, high specific power; low self-discharge; no memory effect, good cycle characteristics, fast discharge and high efficiency, wide operating temperature range, no environmental pollution, etc.

Lithium Ups Battery Replacement

Project Features of lithium replacement car battery:

1. Super long life. The high consistency of the cell and intelligent BMS can efficiency improve of the cell. The calendar life > 8 years, which is 4-8 times longer than lead-acid batteries.
2. High energy density. The energy density of lithium battery with the same volume is 1.5 times that of lead-acid battery.
3. Safe and convenient. Built-in BMS, while ensuring the safety performance of the battery, it can also realize other functional applications.
4. Fast charging and discharging . supports fast charging & discharging, which is greatly reduces the charging time of mobility scooter lithium battery replacement.

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