26650 lithium ion battery:How to buy 26650 lithium battery

Under the same material system, the battery capacity of 26650 is larger than that of 18650. For example, the 26650 battery with the same ternary material is generally about 5200mAh, while the capacity of 18650 battery is mostly about 2600mAh. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing 26650 lithium batteries? Let’s analyze it together.

Appearance and production process

Looking at the appearance refers to looking at the appearance, workmanship, size and craftsmanship of the 26650 lithium battery. The advanced technology is very comfortable to the touch. After grinding, the rubber oil polishing material feels good, and the insulation performance is also strong.

Capacity identification

A 26650 lithium battery without a clearly marked capacity is likely to be a garbage battery reassembled with inferior battery cells or recycled battery cells. There are many cheap 26650 lithium batteries on the market. They are made of recycled battery cells or disassembled battery cells. Although the price is cheap, the lifespan is short and the quality is unstable. Careless use may damage the device or even explode.

With or without protective plate

The characteristics of the 26650 lithium battery determine that the 26650 lithium battery must be equipped with a protection plate to prevent the occurrence of overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit of the 26650 lithium battery. The 26650 lithium battery without the protection plate will deform, leak and explode. Danger. Under the fierce price competition, various battery packaging factories seek lower-priced protection circuits, or omit this device at all, making the market full of explosive 26650 lithium batteries.

Flat and pointed

The 26650 lithium battery has a flat head and a pointed head. The difference between the two is that one has a protective plate and the other does not have a protective plate.

Flat head 26650 lithium battery: without protective plate.

Pointed 26650 lithium battery: with a protective plate, because the top of the protective plate protrudes, the protruding part is the protective plate.

It is recommended to purchase pointed batteries to ensure compatibility with more devices and uses. Usually, the positive and negative poles of electrical appliances are designed with springs, which can be stretched, and can be used whether it is a pointed or flat battery. If a flat-top battery is to be used in series, the positive terminal of the flat head cannot touch the negative terminal of the other battery.

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