Ups Battery Packs in Parallel(Pros and Cons)

  Nowadays,UPS power supply with parallel batteries has become a choice for most users,but what are the advantages and disadvantages in terms of UPS power supply design and UPS battery application?Today,the plb editor will introduce it to you in detail.

  When the same charging voltage is the same,when two groups of batteries are connected in parallel,the charging current obtained by each group of batteries is different.In this case,it is possible that the battery pack with small charging current is often in a state of insufficient charging and discharging.After a long time,the internal resistance of this battery pack will increase.Because of long-term power shortage,the greater the internal resistance,the smaller the charging current.,the battery life will be greatly shortened.This situation does not exist when using only one set of batteries.

  Therefore,it is recommended that users do not use two sets of batteries in parallel when they can use one set of batteries to meet the equipment requirements,which not only shortens the service life of the battery,increases the cost of use,but also reduces the overall performance of the battery.

  It is understandable for designers and users to consider this from the perspective of improving the reliability of the backup power supply.They are worried that when the AC power fails,when one of the two sets of batteries cannot supply power,an additional set of batteries can be added,and even some small things can be done.worth it.Assuming that the use of battery packs in parallel is considered from this point of view,it is only more in favor of the use of two sets of batteries in parallel.If more than two sets of batteries are used in parallel,it will be harmful and useless.If it is not possible to use two sets of batteries in parallel,then please follow the following principles at the same time:

  First,the batteries used in parallel connection must be produced by the same manufacturer,and are of the same model and specification;

  Second,the batteries used in parallel must be in the same state as the old and new;

  Third,the same model leaves the factory at the same time;

  Fourth,synchronous installation.

Ups Battery Packs in Parallel(Pros and Cons)

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