Keep going!Power Long Battery made a wonderful appearance at Solar Power International (RE+2023)

On September 13, Beijing time (September 12, California time), the Solar Power International 2023 opened grandly in Las Vegas, USA. Power Long Battery (Hereinafter referred to as PLB) made a wonderful appearance with its self-developed high-rate 26650 battery cell and home energy storage (ESS) series products, highlighting PLB’s high attention to the North American market and its ability and confidence to meet the needs of the North American energy storage market.

RE+, an authoritative exhibition in North America, witnessed PLB’s success

The Solar Power International (RE+ 2023),Co-hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Smart Electric Power Alliance,is took place from September 12th to 14th in Las Vegas. Its predecessor was the famous SPI&ESI in the American energy industry. RE+ is not only the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the clean energy industry in North America, but also the most influential international exhibition in the global solar industry. Serving as a platform for world-renowned new energy companies to showcase new technologies, products and concepts, RE+ exhibition has become a frontier for global new energy companies to explore the North American market. The exhibition brought together more than 27,000 experts from the new energy industry and more than 1,300 new energy exhibitors from around the world to discuss the development and future of clean energy.

ESS-home energy storage

ESS-home energy storage, Building Green Homes Together

North America has a mature large-scale energy storage market, as well as strict product certification standards and extremely high market entry thresholds. The ESS series products showcased by PLB at this exhibition integrate high efficiency, flexibility, ultimate safety, and intelligent stability and other advantages meeting the stringent technical requirements in North America. PLB’s ESS series products feature an AFE analog front-end, main control MCU unit, and current limiting module, equipped with standard communication protocols. They have features such as high intelligent control, high stability, high safety, high-rate discharge, large capacity, support for expansion and parallel connection, adaptable to various application scenarios and customizable personalized solutions according to customer needs.

ESS battery

Key features of ESS series:

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with mainstream inverters
  • Long service life, up to 10 years+
  • Precise SOC detection
  • Smart BMS, high security, high stability and high reliability

High-Rate Cells, Showcasing Strength

At the exhibition, PLB presented Automotive Grade LiFePo4 cylindrical battery solutions built with high-rate cell technology, demonstrating PLB’s strong R&D capabilities and technological accumulation in cylindrical batteries, meeting diverse demands in different fields. High-rate Cell serve as a powerful pioneer for PLB ‘s expansion into various new energy markets,with the capability of charging at rates of up to 5C+ and discharging at rates of up to 50C+. PLB’s products are widely used in UPS, AGV, home energy storage, medical equipment, motorcycle starting and other fields, and have been highly recognized by customers.

Demonstrate to customer the core technical advantages and
terminal scenario application cases of 26650 cylindrical battery
Demonstrate to customer the core technical advantages and
terminal scenario application cases of 26650 cylindrical battery

North America is one of the major energy storage regional markets worldwide. This participation in the RE+ 2023 in the United States not only provides PLB with an opportunity to showcased its product technology and strong competitiveness, but also broughts global attention and recognition to PLB’s products.

In the future, PLB will continue to strengthen technological innovation, focus on the energy storage application demands in the North American market, win customer recognition and trust with quality and service, and make continuous contributions to the global energy transition with the power of PLB.

With the successful conclusion of this exhibition

We thank everyone for their ongoing trust and support

Let us continue to build a green future as PLB moves forward

Until we meet again!

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