The best lifepo4 battery manufacturer in China

As the new energy market continues to evolve, numerous top-notch manufacturers of lifepo4 batteries are emerging. Among these manufacturers, Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (PLB) stands out as a leading enterprise, seamlessly integrating independent research, development, production, and sales. Renowned for its high-quality battery products, PLB has solidified its position as one of the premier manufacturers of lifepo4 batteries. In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features and advantages of PLB.

the best lifepo4 battery manufacturer

PLB is located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Shenzhen, boasting convenient transportation access. With a registered capital of 120.5 million yuan, PLB is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and services of high-quality 26650 cylindrical lifepo4 cells and battery packs (systems). Embracing a high-end brand strategy, PLB are deeply engaged in the realms of high & mid-range new energy power and energy storage. Equipped with advanced R&D and analysis facilities for both cell and battery pack (system), highly automated manufacturing equipment, industry-leading product manufacturing processes, and stringent environmental controls, PLB also boast exceptional design and technical teams, along with a professional project management team. PLB’s unwavering commitment is to ascend as the leader in the 26650 lithium battery industry.

High-Quality Battery Products

At PLB, product safety and reliability are at the forefront of PLB’s mission. PLB employ comprehensive and systematic management throughout the entire process, from basic research on cell materials, electrode design and manufacturing, to cell structure and manufacturing process. This approach ensures the creation of high-quality battery core products with exceptional safety and reliability, high energy density, good consistency, and a wide operating temperature range. Since the battery cell products were shipped, there have been no oil leaks, explosions or combustion accidents, winning unanimous praise from PLB customers.

Wide Range of Applications

PLB’s lifepo4 batteries are integral in various fields. In applications such as AGVs and forklifts, PLB’s batteries offer high safety performance, support high-rate charging and discharging, and provide strong endurance. Intelligent systems enable multi-interface communication for terminal data communication and control. In UPS systems, PLB’s batteries feature ultra-long float charge capability, ultra-high rate instantaneous discharge capability, BMS system charge estimation, environmental monitoring, terminal communication functions, and support high current charge and discharge. Additionally, lifepo4 batteries find extensive use in medical equipment, off-grid solar energy, emergency lights, golf carts, starting batteries, lead-acid replacement, and other fields to fulfill diverse energy requirements.

Advanced R&D Capabilities

As a leading supplier of lifepo4 batteries, PLB prioritizes R&D and innovation. PLB have assembled a professional team of engineers and technical experts dedicated to advancing battery technology. Through a decade of continuous research and development, PLB’s lifepo4 battery cells boast a 1C rate charge and discharge cycle life of over 6,000 times, and discharge characteristics exceeding 50C rate, placing us at the forefront of the cylindrical battery industry.

Strict Quality Control System

PLB is committed to delivering high-quality lifepo4 batteries. PLB have implemented a rigorous quality control system to oversee every aspect from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing. Through meticulous quality inspection and product testing, PLB ensure that every lifepo4 battery leaving PLB’s factory meets stringent quality standards. Additionally, PLB hold third-party-certifications such as IATF16949, DUNS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO45001,etc,.to provide customers with reliable product guarantees.

Flexible Custom Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs of PLB’s customers, PLB offers flexible custom solutions. Whether you’re an AGV manufacturer, energy storage system integrator, or medical equipment manufacturer, PLB can tailor designs and production to your specific requirements. PLB’s professional team collaborates closely with customers to personalize customization, ensuring that their needs are met to the fullest extent.

Industry Recognition and Standard Setting

As a respected supplier in the lifepo4 battery field, PLB has garnered widespread industry recognition. PLB’s battery products comply with international standards and industry specifications, holding certifications such as CE, UL1642, UL1973, UL2054, UL2580, UN38.3, IEC62133, IEC62619, RoHS, BIS, and REACH. PLB actively engage in industry organizations and standard formulation, collaborating with other leading companies to advance the development and application of lifepo4 batteries.

As one of the premier suppliers of lifepo4 batteries, PLB has earned customer favor through PLB’s advanced R&D capabilities, strict quality control system, and flexible customized solutions. Whether in AGV power energy systems, UPS systems, energy storage systems, or medical and emergency equipment, choosing PLB’s lifepo4 batteries ensures excellent performance and reliability. PLB remain dedicated to technological innovation and product improvement, contributing to the further advancement of lifepo4 batteries, clean energy, and sustainable development. In market competition or customer choice, PLB stands as the preferred supplier of lifepo4 batteries.

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