What does the‘U’mean in the 1U/2U rack-mounted UPS battery?

When purchasing rack-mounted UPS batteries, the buyers often mention professional terms such as 1U and 2U. What does‘U’mean?

The ‘U’ stands for unit, which represents the external dimensions of the server. The size is determined by the Electronic Industry Agreement (EIA) as an industry group. The reason why the external dimensions of the server are stipulated is to facilitate the server to maintain an appropriate distance when installed on the rack, and to correspond one-to-one with the screw holes fixed on the rack to facilitate screw fixation.

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The “1U/2U rack-mounted UPS battery” is actually a UPS battery product that meets EIA specifications, and the product can be successfully installed on a server rack of corresponding size. The corresponding size and height of 1U is 1.75 inches = 4.445 centimeters, and 2U is twice the size of 1U, which is 8.89 centimeters, and so on.

The design of the 1U/2U rack-mounted UPS battery not only facilitates later positioning and fixation, but also brings other benefits to the UPS battery, making it an indispensable part of the technical field:

High space utilization: 1U/2U rack-mounted UPS batteries are small in size, occupy less space, and can allow multiple battery groups to be connected in series and parallel, maximizing the utilization of limited physical space, especially in data centers, which require a large amount of space. Servers and network equipment need to be installed and managed compactly, so efficient use of space is crucial.

Good heat dissipation effect: The 1U/2U rack-mounted UPS battery has a simple structure and a good heat dissipation design, which can effectively transfer heat during use to avoid overheating of the equipment and affecting performance.

Standardized installation: The standardized size of the 1U/2U rack-mounted UPS battery makes it more compatible and can be adapted to various brands and models of rack-mounted UPS.

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