What are the differences between 72V and 60V batteries

What are the differences between 72V and 60V batteries

The battery is a device with “electricity storage”, which is of great importance to the car model driven by “electricity”. Therefore, it is very important for car owners to choose the right battery. I have previously introduced the types of batteries, the differences and selection methods of lithium batteries, lead acid batteries and graphene batteries. Today, experts continue to introduce to you what are the differences between 72 volt and 60 volt batteries in terms of battery parameters? How to choose more durable and long distance? If it is an electric car, which one should I choose? One time, I hope that you can see the knowledge later.

Before introducing 72 V and 60 V, let’s first understand what “V” means. It is actually the unit of voltage, and the voltage is the potential difference of the battery. The voltage will affect the endurance, power and many other aspects of electric vehicles. Therefore, there are many differences between them. What are they? PLB will introduce them in detail.

72V and 60V battery difference

First of all, there are two types of battery voltage. One is 12 volts, and the other is 6 volts. However, two wheel and three wheel electric vehicles are basically 12 volts, while 72 volts and 60 volts are different. One is composed of six 12 volt batteries, and the other is composed of five 12 volt batteries.

The second is the difference in endurance. As we all know, the endurance of “electric” vehicles mainly depends on the battery capacity. However, the lead plate and density of the battery will also affect the endurance. The 72 volt battery has an additional set of batteries than the 60 volt battery. Therefore, the endurance will be more advantageous. Take the capacity of 20AH and 32AH as an example, the 72 volt and 60 volt batteries can last about 75 km, 115 km, 65 km and 96 km respectively.
Finally, there are three main factors that can affect the power: the motor power, the current and the voltage. When the voltage is greater, the same current and motor power will make the 72 volt electric vehicle more powerful than the 60 volt electric vehicle.

Which is the choice between electric cars and tricycles?

I believe that most of the people who read this article are either electric vehicles or electric tricycles. Then, are they curious about how to match these two different models with different batteries, such as 60V and 72V;

For electric vehicles, my suggestion is to use batteries of 60V and below, mainly due to price considerations. Also, 32AH batteries are priced at about 1000 yuan for 48V, 1500 yuan for 60V, and 2000 yuan for 72V. Lead acid batteries are not durable products, and they should be replaced once every one to three years. From an economic perspective, electric vehicles are naturally more suitable for 60V and 48V.

For the electric tricycle, my suggestion is to choose the 72 volt battery, mainly because of the purpose. Although the electric tricycle does not need a fast speed per hour, its load is far greater than that of the electric tricycle, whether it is a freight car or an electric caravan. It requires stronger power, and is equipped with a higher voltage, which can make the vehicle perform better in climbing hills and complex road conditions.

How can 72V and 60V be more durable and can run far?

Finally, when choosing batteries, there are two key points. How to choose between 72 volt and 60 volt batteries that are more durable and can run far? As for which battery can run far, it has been introduced above. Under the same battery type and capacity, the endurance of 72 volt battery is greater than that of 60 volt battery.
Which battery is more durable? If it is the same type of battery and has the same use intensity and battery quality, it is also 72V > 60V in theory. Some people may not understand it here. A little expert will explain it to you.
A group of 60V or 72V batteries is composed of several groups of batteries. When the batteries fail or are damaged, it is not always because all the batteries have problems, but because a group of batteries has problems. At this time, it is only necessary to find the group with problems to replace them. There are 6 groups of 72V batteries and only 5 groups of 60V batteries. The more groups there are, the less the endurance will decline when the failure occurs, The more opportunities to repair, the more durable she will be.


What kind of battery you choose actually has something to do with your budget, mileage requirements, required speed, comfort, etc. If the budget is sufficient, then the 72 volt voltage will certainly have more advantages, not only strong power and long endurance, but also other configurations of vehicles with high prices, which can improve the driving comfort of the vehicle, Let the owner ride more comfortably.
However, little experts should remind that, according to the Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles implemented in 2019, both 60 volt and 72 volt batteries do not meet this standard, that is, they no longer belong to the new national standard electric vehicles, but are classified as electric scooters or electric motorcycles. Such vehicles need not only license plates and insurance, but also driver’s licenses when driving on the road, This is also something that car owners need to consider.
In a word, whether 60 volt, 72 volt, or the current mainstream 48 volt batteries, they all have certain shortcomings. Of course, they also have their own advantages. None of them is absolutely cost-effective. The choice of battery voltage depends on whether you have a driver’s license, your budget, needs, and other aspects.

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