What is OEM battery and ODM battery?

OEM battery and ODM battery

In the battery industry, you may often hear about OEM battery and ODM battery, but the meaning and difference between the two may not be understood. Therefore, i will introduce the difference between OEM battery and ODM battery.

What is OEM battery?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM battery refers to the manufacturer in accordance with the original design to produce processing batteries.

At present, this way(phenomenon)is very common, many big brand manufacturers have their own OEM manufacturers, authorizing OEM manufacturers to manufacture and put their own brand label on product to sell it through selling brand value. That not only can reduce the production cost, but also improve the brand added value.

What is ODM battery?

The ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. ODM battery refers to the manufacturer’s design and production of batteries according to the specifications of the original factory. For example, a battery company wants to market a new battery pack, they list requirments to the manufacturer, like specific cell requirements, system voltage, system capacity, power range, system load, serial-parallel mode, maximum size and packaging methods etc, but they do not design patterns, manufacturers design and produce battery packs according to the specifications of the battery company, which is ODM products.

Differences between OEM battery and ODM battery

The most obvious difference between OEM batteryand ODM battery is that OEM battery are commissioned by the original factory, that is, OEM battery = “production battery”; The ODM battery is commissioned to design battery, that is, ODM battery = “design battery + production battery”, which is the biggest difference between the two.

How to find a good OEM/ODM battery manufacturer?

Good OEM/ODM battery manufacturers should be in the battery industry for many years, accumulating rich battery manufacturing experience and obtaining customer recognition.

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