• UPS Installation Guide

    UPS power supply two sets of batteries with neutral wire installation steps installation steps; ①Disconnect the existing UPS power supply; (need to arrange an electrician in advance to change the power supply line for the equipment in the computer room) ②Remove the battery pack (it takes 1 hour); ③ Install a new UPS power supply and battery pack (requires 4 hours); ④ The new UPS power supply is turned on and connected to the mains (power outage is required for 1 hour) to supply power to the equipment in the computer room. ups unpacking, battery unpacking for backup, When assembling the battery cabinet, pay attention not to touch the positive and negative poles of the battery at the same time during installation. During installation, the positive pole is connected to the negative pole and installed in series. The neutral wire is drawn from the negative pole or positive pole of…

    Blog October 10, 2022
  • UPS battery bank connection and UPS battery connection method

    UPS battery connection method The red pole of the UPS battery is the positive pole, and the black pole is the negative pole. The batteries are connected in series in the battery box, that is, the positive pole of one battery is connected to the negative pole of the other battery. According to this connection method, there will be two lead wires, one positive and one negative, which are connected to the battery discharge port. Pay attention to one-to-one correspondence. Generally, the left is positive and the right is negative. When connecting, pay attention to the short circuit of the battery. Water entering the UPS battery in a short period of time will not affect the battery performance. Water is a weak electrolyte and has very weak conductivity. However, it must be wiped dry immediately, otherwise the battery will be oxidized and the battery will fall off, causing damage to…

    Blog October 9, 2022
  • UPS Battery Configuration Guide

    In short, the first thing is to confirm the power of the equipment that people want the UPS to carry, and then the power of the UPS can be confirmed. Generally speaking, the recommended load power is 30%~80% of the UPS power. If the load is too large, the UPS power supply may be overloaded when starting at the same time. If the load is too small, it will not only cause waste, but also be bad for the performance of the battery. How UPS works​​At present, there are three common working methods in the market: backup, online interactive, and online double transformation (line pure online). The details are as follows:​​1 Backup UPS, without voltage regulator, there is a conversion time when the mains and battery are converted, generally used for personal computer protection, or when the performance requirements of the UPS power supply are not high, this type of…

    Blog October 9, 2022
  • UPS battery replacement and maintenance

    Hello everyone, I’m Mr. Lin. There is a set of Emerson NXa series 80KVA UPS uninterruptible power supply system in the central computer room of a certain unit. The backup battery is a valve-regulated maintenance-free lead-acid battery, a total of 40 (12V-150AH battery.At present, the UPS host and battery are running normally, but since the battery pack was put into use in X year X month, the service life has exceeded 3 years. In order to avoid the influence of battery aging on the operation of the UPS host power supply system and the guarantee of UPS backup time, Party A has decided to replace the original 40-section valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid battery of the UPS uninterruptible system.The backup battery of the newly purchased UPS uninterruptible power supply is XX brand and model XX. The technical parameters and specification structure of the new battery fully meet the requirements of the battery…

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  • For the wiring problem of UPS battery, see here

    Recently, many friends have asked many times about how to wire the UPS battery? This is a small detail, which is easy to ignore. In actual projects, we often encounter related problems. Some friends in our weak current VIP technology group also asked about it. In this issue, we will learn more about this aspect through the following. Battery cabinet The installation sequence is as follows: Go to the site to determine the installation location of the UPS and the battery cabinet. Install the battery cable. A. Determine the position of the battery switch, determine the positive and negative directions of the battery in the battery cabinet, and install the air switch and wiring terminals on the battery cabinet. B. Start the connection of the battery wire, and connect the positive pole of the battery to the air switch. C. The battery wires from the next layer to the upper…

    Blog October 9, 2022
  • UPS battery configuration calculation method

    UPS battery configuration calculation method Foreword: I haven’t figured out the calculation method of the battery configuration of the UPS. First, you need to list all the devices that need to be protected. The voltage and current data of each device can be found on the back panel, and the VA value can be obtained by multiplying the two. Some devices use watts to indicate the power needs, and multiply the wattage by a factor of 1.4 to get an approximate VA value. For the power of the overall device, it is based on its rated number. Summarize the VA values ​​of all devices, add the summed value to the total value. 30% expansion capacity for system upgrade. In addition, the battery power supply time is mainly affected by factors such as load size, battery capacity, ambient temperature, battery discharge cut-off voltage, etc. According to the delay requirements, determine the…

    Blog October 9, 2022
  • UPS battery installation scheme

    The installation of the UPS system is mainly the connection between the batteries and the connection between the batteries and the UPS host. Planning and design before installationBefore installation, you must check that the appearance of the battery is free of damage, check that the accessories are complete, and carefully read the user manual or installation instructions provided by the battery manufacturer. When laying out the cells, there must be a minimum 10mm separation between the vertical sides of the cells to maintain free air circulation around the cells. At the same time, there must be a certain space between the top of the battery and the upper shelf, so that the battery can be tested and maintained. Battery installation always starts at the bottom and works up layer by layer to prevent the center of gravity from being too high. Store the battery away from vibration or shock. battery…

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  • UPS battery maintenance

    Do these points well, the life of UPS power supply can reach ten years The survey data found that the UPS uninterruptible power supply is generally about six to ten years, but how long is the actual service life of the UPS power supply? Electrical products like UPS are the least prone to failure and the least likely to break. The short service life is also due to the poor power grid environment, the working room environment, and the power of the electrical equipment of the load can not be controlled between 30%-80%, excessive overload or small load, no-load is uninterrupted for the UPS Power is not a good thing. Now let’s talk about some requirements of UPS power supply! UPS use environment requirements The placement position must be stable; All sides of the UPS chassis must maintain sufficient ventilation distance from the wall; Keep away from heat source, no…

    Blog October 8, 2022
  • UPS Battery maintenance

    How to maintain the battery, what is the normal life? answer: Under normal conditions, the battery should be charged and discharged every 3 to 6 months, and the charging time of the standard machine should not be less than 10 hours after discharge. If the UPS is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every 3 to 6 months. The battery operating environment requires a temperature between 0°C and 40°C, avoid direct sunlight and keep it clean. Generally at room temperature, the floating charge life of Panasonic sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries is 3–5 years in normal use. Can the UPS use water-filled batteries?answer:Yes, but users are advised to use maintenance-free batteries. Because the user forgets to add water, the battery acid water leaks or the battery gas discharge is not good, etc., it may cause the battery to die or affect the normal operation of the…

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  • Battery Replacement Life for UPS Power Supplies

    The battery pack is an important part of the UPS system, and its cost is also high. Therefore, when the UPS system runs for a certain period of time and needs to be replaced in order to ensure the reliability of the UPS system, users will always ask what the standard for battery pack replacement is. Are there any relevant specifications and requirements?​​There is no mandatory requirement for battery pack replacement, but relevant reference indicators are given for users’ reference. That’s the life of a lead-acid battery.​ There are two indicators of the life of lead-acid batteries.​ Float life is the number of years that the battery can be used when the battery can discharge not less than 80% of the rated capacity under standard temperature and continuous float state.​ The number of 80% deep cycle charge and discharge is the number of times the full-capacity battery is fully charged…

    Blog October 8, 2022
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