Why choose lifepo4 battery for AGV/AMR?

With the continuous development of Internet technology, online shopping has become the norm in people’s lives, and various large-scale efficient distribution centers and warehouses are also increasing. In order to improve output and efficiency,autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) came into being to make warehouses and distribution centers work faster and reduce labor costs. However, the operation of AMR and AGV requires reliable and long-lasting power supply. Among many batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery has become the best choice for AMR and AGV. Why? Let‘s find out next!

AGV/AMR battery
AGV/AMR battery

What are AGV and AMR?

AGV stands for Automatic Guided Vehicle, and it is designed to transport heavy objects. It can take the form of a trolley, forklift, or other mobile vehicles. AGVs are powered by batteries and utilize radio signals or sensors for navigation. They operate autonomously along predetermined paths and no manual operation is required.

AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. This is a type of robot used for order pickup and delivery. Unlike AGVs, AMRs are not restricted to predetermined paths. They navigate using software-generated maps of the environment or preloaded facility blueprints. AMRs are capable of calculating the most efficient movement paths, making high precision a crucial requirement for their operation.

Why are lithium iron phosphate batteries the best choice?

As the power source of AGV and AMR, reliability and efficiency of battery are crucial. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are well-suited to meet these requirements. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have shorter charging time, longer life and endurance. They also have lower maintenance costs and higher energy density, resulting in true cost reduction and increased efficiency.

1. Shorter charging time

Compared with other AGV and AMR batteries on the market, lithium iron phosphate batteries can faster charging and can be fully charged within an hour, ensuring that the battery is efficiently utilized, and enabling AGVs and AMRs to complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

2.Longer life and endurance

The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is as high as 3,000+ times, which is 4-5 times longer than that of lead-acid batteries. The long life of lithium iron phosphate batteries reduces the frequency of battery replacements for AGVs and AMRs, thereby reducing battery replacement costs.

By the way, PLB can provide powerful energy solutions according to customer needs,offering customized lithium iron phosphate battery packs that are better suited for specific usage scenarios. This ensures uninterrupted production for multiple shifts of AGVs/AMRs without the need for recharging.

3. Lower maintenance costs

Unlike lead-acid batteries , lithium iron phosphate batteries require little maintenance or watering. They can tolerate partial charging without causing battery damage, allowing for the full utilization of their rated capacity. This minimizes maintenance costs and production losses associated with maintenance.

4. Higher energy density

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a higher energy density, which means that they have a lighter weight compared to other batteries with the same energy capacity. This is crucial for AGVs and AMRs that require mobility, as it reduces unnecessary energy expenditure and minimizes self-energy loss. As a result, they can perform more useful work with greater efficiency.

Because of this, lithium iron phosphate batteries will become the best choice for AGV and AMR batteries . As a professional AGV and AMR lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer, PLB possesses extensive industry experience and can provide customer with professional solutions and customize the most suitable AGV /AMR lifepo4 battery pack according to customer needs.

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